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Professional Hair Weaving Process - Facts and Information
What is a Hair "Weave?"
  Hair "Weev" is the name of the professional weaving method known as the Christina method, by which commercial human hair is attached to growing hair on the head. Used to give fullness and length to existing hair and/or covering thinning or bald spots.
What will it do for me?
  Hair "Weev" solves many problems and affords many styles. With hair "weev." styling possibilities are unlimited. You will always be able to keep up with the fashions, even if short, straight hair is in style one season, and long curly in the next. If your hair is at least one inch long, the "weev" method can be used.
Will it damage my hair?
  No! Hair "weev" does not damage hair. In fact, many clients have realized they can keep the growth of their (own) hair only, when the hair "weeve" is attached. It allows natural hair to rejuvenate by not being manipulated daily by the use of maintenance products and appliances and/or by the use of chemical services (if desired) and still the chosen style can be achieved while the natural hair is growing untouched. (Note: Since the natural hair is integrated with the extended hair, it is important that the hair be maintained with regular shampooing and conditioning. Deep conditioning treatments should be given at least once a month, approximately every three weeks, depending on the condition of the hair.
How long does it last?
  It is not uncommon to have a hair "weev" for three months. In most cases 10-12 weeks is a very good estimate. However, there are times some clients may have to come in for tightening every 6-8 weeks.
What is Hair "weev" tightening?
  It is the process that consists of taking the added hair off, and redoing the positions closer to the scalp
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